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Leak Detection Ipswich & Greater Brisbane

Are your water bills high, and you don’t know what causes it? Water leaks are usually hard to find, and they are often in places that are hard to reach. Even if you notice there is a leakage, you will probably have trouble tracing the source. Leaks coming from the buried pipes or pipes hidden inside walls are challenging to fix, and only experienced plumbers know how to deal with it with minimum disturbance.

If you can hear the sound of running water despite all the faucets being closed, or you start noticing that your carpet, floor or wall is wet, or there is a mold smell coming from your basement, it is time to contact us. Our master plumbers will provide a thorough leak detection Ipswich & Greater Brisbane service, and solve your problems promptly. 

Don’t let water leaks cause extensive damage to your property when you can count on us to act fast and find the best solution to help you detect and fix all malfunctions. Keep in mind that it is very important to contact our team of experienced technicians at the first sign of a leak. 

Leak Detection Experts With High-Quality Equipment

Many people decide to try dealing with leaking pipes on their own, but we suggest you don’t dig up your yard, or sledgehammer your walls because we offer less invasive methods that are far more effective.

Our company has been in business for 15 years, and our team is certified and insured to conduct even the most complicated operations. We are equipped with the tools and gear that allows us to detect the source of leaking, and do the necessary repairs quickly. 

Dig and drill is our last option, and we will use that only if nothing else can’t help. Video camera inspection allows us to take photos and videos of pipes at various angles, so we can find and detect leakage without digging into your floor or your walls. We also use water meters to assess the water pressure and detect if there is a leak present.

Why You Should Choose Our Leak Detection Ipswich & Greater Brisbane?

Not only that your water bills will decrease, but our services will also spare your property from massive damage that constant leaking can make to your property. If left undetected for a long time, there are many issues that leaking pipes might cause. 

Some risks associated with water leaking include flooding your home or lawn, damage to your pipe installations, moldy walls, electrical shortages, and many other health risks. Our team will detect the source of the leakage, and provide a cost-effective solution.

You will have all the information regarding the pricing in advance, so you can be sure that there will be no hidden fees that can cause more stress. With our professional services, leak detection and pipe repair are hassle-free and you can be sure that we will not leave the site until we are sure that everything works properly. Our non-invasive leak detection methods are suitable for residential as well as for commercial properties. 

Have an Emergency? We Are Available 24/7!

In order to meet all the needs and requirements that our customers might have, our leak detection Ipswich & Greater Brisbane team is working 24 hours every day a week. You can relax knowing that we will be there for you even if there is a leakage in the middle of the night.

You just have to give us a call at 0431 478 631, provide all the details and our leak detection Ipswich & Greater Brisbane team will be there in no time. In case you want us to conduct preventive checks, you can also book a call out through our website or send us an email to




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